Delivery Models with ByteCipher in Software Development

At ByteCipher, we excel at understanding business in different cultural settings. It is also important to remember that not every business is the same and requires an in-depth understanding of the market and the target customer base, which provides the product returns.

The delivery requirements of our customers are unique and diverse. We provide different delivery models to serve customers from various demographics, regions, and origins. Complexities including a variety of business models and technical expertise help us classify different delivery models for diversified requirements and expectations.

In the same way, we coordinate the delivery modules with our technical expertise and development methodology so that synchronization is automatic and returns are high. The main philosophical goal at ByteCipher is to provide a seamless, integrated delivery model that matches the client’s requirements and development methodology.

We often choose a delivery model based on factors such as project size, complexity, budget, and the nature of the software being developed. Hybrid approaches that combine elements of different models are also common to tailor the process to specific project requirements.

  • Waterfall Model
  • Kanban
  • Agile Model
  • DevOps
  • Scrum
  • V-Model (Verification and Validation Model)

A few Engagement Model You can Explore with ByteCipher

Onsite delivery

Our understanding of Onsite Delivery involves continuous interaction, and we believe that delivery is a continuous process.

Delivering a complex project can be intimidating as it bears the gift of complexity. That’s why we offer Onsite delivery that takes care of all the intricacies required to pull off the job with our skilled team. The whole process starts from the inception of the project to the completion.

During the on-site delivery, we work closely with the client’s philosophy and working standards to deliver on time and exceed the client’s expectations.

Offsite Delivery Model

Creating value through proximity is one of the best delivery models currently available. We believe that ByteCipher provides the right solution in an offsite delivery model that not only addresses local issues but also resolves them onsite. 

Our team forms an on-ground presence for you in your local area and provides continuous support for your needs.

The benefits of the Offsite Delivery Model are faster communication with clarity.

Together with the offline Delivery Model, the uncertainty principle works. Random requirement changes resulting from market research drove the implementation of this delivery model. Having a complete understanding of market complexities, ByteCipher delivers superior support through an offsite delivery model.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Every business is different, and we take that into account from day one. Clients can benefit from both onsite and offsite delivery models with the Hybrid Delivery Model. As well to enhancing the cost benefits and delivery time, the Hybrid Delivery Model also has some other benefits.

It is a luxury to use a Hybrid Delivery Model to provide both internal assessments and control of the external environment so that you can gain access to hidden resources that can be further analyzed for greater insight and a deeper understanding of market dynamics. The evident benefits of using the Hybrid Model are a decrease in the communication gap, 24/7 productivity, and complete control over the project internals.

Global Delivery Model

To gain an unparalleled competitive edge, businesses are going global. ByteCipher helps organizations to achieve globalization with the Global Delivery Model. Our Technical know-how enables large-scale implementation of any process inducing benefits from all over the world. Outsourcing work becomes easier with ByteCipher handling your global needs.

To gain worldwide traction, Our Global Delivery Model is best suited as it clings to every single opportunity that races towards us. With complete know-how and technical expertise, we bring more value to the organization.

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