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Today, all businesses are going digital and the most common area for outsourcing is Information Technology. Outsourcing helps to reduce and control expenses, reduce time to market, and accelerate company transformation. The challenge, though, is deciding which engagement model to employ when you decide to outsource software development.

We offer a set of different engagement models to provide you with the most convenient way of working on your project. Get an effective outsourcing experience with a robust engagement model.

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Our Approach to the Engagement Process

We at ByteCipher are happy to work with our clients on any software development project regardless of the engagement model they choose. To complete a project on time and within budget, we possess all core competencies. Having a deep understanding of a wide range of technologies allows us to select the right tool, framework, and programming language for product development without being confined to one or two. We treat our clients as partners and always go the extra mile to build a turnkey solution and exceed project expectations.


Engagement Models, We Offer

As with every model, some benefits and disadvantages make it effective in certain situations. It is noteworthy that in the IT industry, the most popular engagement models are Time and Materials Contract, Fixed Bid, Outstaffing, and Dedicated Team. Before choosing any of the engagement models we recommend you consider the specifics of your project and your business requirements. If you’re hesitating you can get a consultation from our specialists – they will provide the help you select the most cost-efficient model.

Fixed Bid

Ideally suited for small to medium-sized projects, requirements, specifications, and schedules are carefully defined before the project begins, and the timelines and costs for the development process are strictly followed.

  • Working efficiently on the projects with clear, stable, and settled requirements
  • The cost to build an app is fixed and discussed before the fulfillment of the project.
  • Only pre-discussed ‘milestones’ of the project are charged, we expect the payment once it is finished.

When to choose?


Clear deadlines

ByteCipher_detailed Specifications​

Detailed specifications

ByteCipher_short project_duration

Short project duration


No changes planned

This is ideal for small or urgent projects. Whenever the project specifications are clearly defined and unlikely to change, fixed bids are the most effective.

Using a Fixed Price agreement, you can plan and budget with maximum security. It is based on a fixed estimate of work, cost, and time. After your needs are specified in sufficient detail, we analyze the project scope and its complexity. In addition to identifying the team members who will be most suitable for the project, we provide a project delivery schedule and estimate the cost of the complete development process. Once approved, we proceed with the project. Using this engagement model is low risk for you and does not require your close supervision because the requirements are well defined and project management methodologies are well established. During the project implementation, ByteCipher guarantees quality delivery of the final product within a pre-scheduled time frame, and you pay a fixed price for the project. The price and schedule would be adjusted if any other changes occurred (added product features, add-ons, or services that weren’t specified before). Additional contracts would be required in this situation. Therefore, it is very important to discuss every detail and estimate the project cost as accurately as possible at the beginning.

Time and Materials Contract

Projects built this way cannot be estimated upfront. The project is built first, then the customer pays only for the time and resources spent after the project is complete and fully accepted.

  • Ideal for the projects that are expected to change or don’t have clear requirements.
  • The cost of software development is based on direct labor hours at a pre-discussed hour rate.
  • Working efficiently when the client requires some parts of the project off-loaded in time.

When to choose?


Innovative idea


Workflow can change


Raw project concept


Intention to take control

In a T&M contract, the customer should be able to estimate the hours needed for a job and negotiate lower hourly rates to reduce the total software development cost.

The Time & Material model is recommended for progressive projects that are predicted to scale up and expand, or if there is not enough vision of the final product. Flexibility and customization are the main advantages of this model, as you can make changes to your requirements while only paying for the time the development team spends working on your project. Under this agreement, ByteCipher provides its qualified resources, and the development effort is billed at the end of each month based on the agreed hourly rate. The total cost of the project is determined by the amount of time and resources involved in your project. The size of the team can be changed at any time. Speaking of management, you will be involved in iterations and take part in the whole process constantly. We prefer to work in short sprints so we can deliver frequently. If ever necessary, you can stop development and still end up with a usable solution.


When to Use?

This software development model implies hiring specialists with certain skills and experience to temporarily extend your existing in-house team while the additional workforce is required.

  • It perfectly works for sophisticated, long-lasting projects.
  • Full control over the development process.
  • Significant cost-savings on infrastructure, social benefits, etc.
  • Fast and simple access to the skills your project needs.

Dedicated Team Model

By selecting the dedicated team model, several ByteCipher developers will work exclusively on your project, you will have full management control over the project and the team, and the cost of the project will be based on hourly rates.
Perfect for all types of projects.
The team is 100% dedicated and managed by the customer.
No hiring efforts, lower TCO, ability to quickly scale the team.

When to choose?


Complex projects


Long-term Collaboration


Intention to take control


Business expansion plans

The Dedicated Team model is an agreement in which we provide a team of software developers to you, on a long-term basis. We find and assess the specialists that will be able to complete the assigned project and fully meet the requirements. The specialists are chosen based on their experience, expertise, language, and technical skills. We assemble a software development team that will work directly with you, thus achieving the highest level of productivity possible. The team can be managed by you directly or by a project manager that we can assign. The dedicated team is aligned with your internal team thus increasing the technical capacity, working in symbiosis to develop project-specific solutions.

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