Waste Management System

WASTE CONTROL is a front-running Danish manufacturing and development IoT – Internet of Things – company, operating with Smart City solutions and with a prime focus on automated waste management systems.

You May Also Know How it Uses In IT Field?

Individual waste charges depend on volume and pick-up frequencies. Database registering of pick-up data on a joint or an individual basis. Flexible and convertible with various existing logistic programs. Can be used by road haulage companies independently from logistic programs currently in use: no single forced data programmer and no additional costs.
Works with a set-up in a series of sensor units, so all similar waste types will be emptied only when all the containers have been filled, securing an optimized joint emptying sequence at each separate address.

Data information for waste accounting, environmental accounting, etc. Minimizing Co2 emissions through optimized pick-up logistic
Smart City convertible
The WASTECONTROL sensor system guarantees you an improved overview, less work, environmental benefits, reduction of heavy traffic, and substantial savings.

Client Requirement

– Requirement gathering, design, and development.

– Complete IOS & Android Mobile App development.

– Create Mockup & sketches based on the web app.

Technology Used

iOS and Android APP: React Native, TypeScript


SENSORS Which registers the volume level in various types of containers and/or bins.

DATABASES Store and handle encrypted data and consist of an automatic pick-up request system, registering single container data, pick-up times, content level, and stored historical data on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis. Data can be automatically transferred through API or .jason/.csv files to your backend or web-based platform

APP’S For easy set-up, monitoring, and planning of logistics

Development Highlights

Followed Agile software development approach. Made the apps capable enough to manage inadequate responses, unexpected calculations, and run-time exceptions. All the system is properly documented with each module.

We have customized a few controls for the app to meet the design requirements. Focused on pixel perfection design integration for both platform apps.

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